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Precision Tillage Accessories

Upgrade the equipment you already own.

We understand that sometimes the best machine you can have, is the one without payments. This doesn’t mean you should have to settle for less performance though. Outfit your current machine with these accessories and save time & money, while increasing your performance.



Blaze Your Path

With the Trailblazer-STC™ on your strip till machine, you get the best of both worlds, your row cleaners stay in contact with the dirt and you stay in your seat.

Problem, Meet Solution

Poor residue management is costly, and problems like poor emergence due to hairpinned residue in your strips is avoidable with the all New Trailblazer-STC floating row cleaners for your strip till machine.


The Trailblazer-STC automatically adjusts to contours and conditions in your fields, eliminating the need to adjust field to field, keeping you in the cab and covering acres.

Tailor to your needs

Options for either 16″ concave notched discs, or 13″ toothed Blades allow you to fit the Trailblazer-STC to your operation. Both are mounted on dual sealed bearings that require zero daily maintenance or greasing.

Pull the Pin and Go

Once you pull the pin and remove your old row cleaners, you are less than 15 minutes away from having the Trailblazer-STC installed. The intelligent design uses common pivot points and the fit-up is as good as factory.

  • Orthman™ 1tRIPr™
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Optimize Your Time, and Your Seedbed

With the Optimizer Basket™ on your strip till machine, you no longer have to choose between adjusting your baskets, or staying in the cab covering more acres.

Admit it...

If its hard to adjust, you aren’t going to do it as often as you should. Many strip till machines on the market today have time consuming, cumbersome, knuckle-busting spring adjustments. The Optimizer Basket puts seedbed control at your fingertips so you can optimize your seedbed no matter the conditions.

Don't stop, adjust on the fly

Easily adapt to varying soil types and conditions quickly with in-cab adjustable pneumatic down pressure. The Optimizer Basket puts on-the-go control in your hands… without a wrench & from the cab.

Stop Plugging, Keep Rolling

The Optimizer Baskets 16″ diameter cleated baskets are engineered with an open center design to reduce plugging in wet conditions and to keep you stripping.

Great Emergence starts here.

Uniform emergence is directly related to seed depth, which is controlled by planter depth consistency. The Optimizer Baskets larger size and on-the-go control create the ultimate runway for your next and most important pass… planting.

  • Orthman 1tripr
  • Bigham Strip Till
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    • Call 1-308-708-8185 or Email, and we will look at options we can offer to fit your machine.