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The Hawkins HWT family of folding toolbars shares a double frame design with a horizontal welded truss to meet today’s high horsepower applications. The design incorporates double 7”x7” tubing for added strength and stability. The close coupled structure also allows maneuverability, while matching tractor lift capacities.

The HWT Toolbars are hinged with a 120-degree main frame fold to minimize transport widths while adding 8 degrees of field flex.  HWT folding toolbars available for 12 row to 16 row applications in various row spacing and configurations.

The HWT Double Fold Toolbar adds a second fold feature to the outer wing allowing compact and safe transport widths for large scale toolbars. HWT Double Fold toolbars accommodate the high-acre, ultra-efficient needs with 24 row and other large scale configurations.


  • High-strength double 7” x 7” tubing welded frame
  • CAT III / IV combination welded hitch
  • 120-degree fold for easy transport
  • 8-degree wing flex to follow field terrain
  • Double fold is available on large scale toolbars
  • Industry leading 3-year warranty


  • Open frame for flexible tool mounting
  • 12 row & 16 row folding sizes
  • 24 Row Double Fold
  • Custom configurations available

Hawkins offers a variety of accessories to increase the productivity and performance of Hawkins machines, as well as other industry offerings.  Add the value of Hawkins Gauge Wheels, Row Crop Stabilizers, and Trailer Hitches, all built the Hawkins way, for years of dependable service.

The Hawkins Row Crop Stabilizer is mounted to the implement to create a precise and consistently ride tight against the shoulder of the ridge or bed. The tapered guide wheel design will allow the implement to follow the ridge or bed holding the tool or point in a proper position. Full horizontal movement of the lift arms allows the implement to follow the ridge and not the tractor. Use the Hawkins Row Crop Stabilizer for a variety of applications including planting, cultivation or fertilizing in ridge till or bedded ground providing the most economical form of stabilization on the market today.


  • Mounts to 7” x 7” or 5” x 7” toolbar frame
  • Optional spring loaded or ratchet jack for quick and easy adjustment
  • 18” tapered guide wheels with hard-surfaced wear edge
  • Heavy-duty 4-bolt flanged greasable bearings
  • Optional axle widths for precise fit


  • Multi-purpose application
  • Flexible mounting
  • Smooth spring cushioned operation

The Hawkins Trailer Hitch provides a universal solution for adding capacity to your application with a trailer. The heavy-duty frame is attached to the implement frame with 7” x 7” U-bolts for mounting flexibility and adjustable spacing. The telescoping design with swinging features allows for quick and easy coupling to the trailer.


  • Mounts to 7” x 7” toolbar frame
  • Adjustable mounting for flexibility


  • 14” telescoping hitch for quick attachment
  • 7” tongue swing for easy coupling

The Hawkins Gauge Wheel is used to control the ride and working depth of a mounted or drawn implement. The ride depth is set with a mechanical ratchet jack with lock for dependable service. The unit features a secure yet flexible clamp mount with options for either 7”x7” tube or 5”x7” frames.

The Gauge Wheel is sold in pairs and are available in single tire or dual for added control and flotation.


  • Secure clamp mount design
  • Mounts to 7” x 7” or 5” x 7” toolbar frame
  • Ratchet jack for quick and easy adjustment


  • Multi-purpose application
  • Flexible mounting
  • Available in either single tire or dual
Gauge Wheel

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