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CultiMax ™

Over-Built and Under-Complicated Cultivation.


Herbicide resistance, fertilizer placement, organic production, soil aeration, no matter the why, we have the how… the Hawkins CultiMax™ Row Cultivator.

Rugged & Reliable

Triple-lip sealed bearings in the massive parallel arms are made to handle the roughest environments, and the wrench free down-pressure adjustment is quick and simple to adjust to your conditions.

Follow the Land

Independent depth wheels on each row follow the ground surface effortlessly no matter the terrain, allowing you to kill weeds and place your sidedress nutrients where they belong.

Slice right through

The 18″ coulter easily cuts through your tough residue. Also, unlike depth band models, the independent cutting coulters are able to run at the depth you choose.

Simple & Robust

Large handle, wedge lock and positive depth positioning teeth make the Hawkins CultiMax™ simple and quick to adjust. Not to mention, no greasing, and less parts for more reliability.

Goertzen Sweeps Factory Installed

Better penetration, increased suction, superior lift and cut, less slabbing, these are just a few reasons Goertzen sweeps are often copied. We decided just to cut to the chase and partner with Goertzen to offer them to you factory installed on your new Hawkins CultiMax™.

Precision Nitrogen Placement

Corn plants acquire a majority of their N within 7″ of the stalk base. With our dual placement option, you not only do two jobs at the same time by cultivating and sidedressing, but you get better use of your inputs.

3 Units in 1

With 3 different mounting positions and a full foot adjustment, you can match the unit to your needs. Close coupled, mid-length, or full-length for high-residue applications are all possible with the Hawkins CultiMax™.

Nothing to Grease Here

With common bearings throughout the row unit, with zero greasing needed, the Hawkins CultiMax™ is made to keep you in the cab and covering more ground.

  • Rigid
    • 4 Row 22″/30″/36″/38″/40″
    • 6 Row 22″/30″/36″/38″/40″
    • 8 Row 30″/36″/38″/40″
    • 12 Row 22″
  • Folding
    • 12 Row 30″/36″/38″/40″
    • 16 Row 30″/36″
  • Don’t see what you need?
    • Call 1-308-708-8185 or Email, and we will look at options we can offer to create your purpose built machine.

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