Hawkins Ag


StripCat™ One-pass residue, nutrient, and seedbed management system engineered to provide the soil consistency of conventional and vertical tillage, with the conservation aspects of no-till. Learn More One-pass residue, nutrient, and seedbed management. CultiMax™ No matter the why, this is the how. Learn More Herbicide resistance, Fertilizer placement, Organic Production, soil aeration, no matter the why, we have the how… the Hawkins CultiMax™ Row Cultivator. CORE Planter™ Build YOUR purpose-built planter. Learn More The Hawkins CORE Planter Platform™ provides an engineered structure with integrated fitup, regional specific features, and value added accessories to build YOUR Purpose-Built Planter. Ditcher The standard by which all are measured. Learn More The standard by which all are measured, the Hawkins Ditcher creates a clean & flat bottom furrow to maximize water distribution. Zone ‘NForcer Easily Configurable. Learn More With dry, gas, or liquid fertilizer placement options, the Zone ‘NForcer™ is easily configured to meet the needs of your operation.