‘NForcer Fertilizer

The Hawkins ‘NForcer™ family of precision placement fertilizer tools is now expanded to manage your fertilizer needs thru out the year.  Accuracy and efficiency are key to fertilizer placement and success in production, the Hawkins ’NForcer™ tools deliver in planting with the Planter ’NForcer, fall or spring row preparation with the ALL NEW Zone ’NForcer™, and post-emergence inter-row with the Coulter ’NForcer™.  Each Hawkins ‘NForcer™ tool is designed to handle the rigors of today’s farms including high speed, high residue, and high acreage.

The ALL NEW Hawkins Zone ‘NForcer™ expands on the Hawkins family of ‘NForcer™ precision placement fertilizer tools. The Zone ‘NForcer row unit is engineered to perform in both fall precision placement and spring strip-till. The Zone ‘NForcer is easily configured to meet the needs of your operation with both mounted and drawn machine offerings, with up to 17 rows spaced 20” and wider. With dry, gas, or liquid fertilizer placement options, residue openers, pneumatic berm discs and conditioning baskets, the Zone ‘NForcer™ is purpose built to deliver one pass fertilizer and seedbed management.


  • 20” rigid or spring loaded residue cutting coulters
  • Heavy Duty 1 ¼”x2” edge bent shanks
  • 1,200 lb. adjustable trip shank with 11” clearance
  • 18” adjustable berm discs with maintenance free hubs
  • 16” Optimizer condition basket with open center design
  • Pneumatic adjustable berm discs and baskets


  • Coulter mounted residue openers available
  • Flexible row spacing, as narrow as 20”
  • Mounted rigid or folding and drawn configurations available
  • Inter-Row or On-Row configurations


  • Configurable design adaptable to your needs
  • Precision nutrient placement of dry, liquid, and NH3 fertilizers
  • Pneumatic berm discs and baskets for quick and easy adjustment
  • One-pass zone tillage for optimal seedbed prep & efficiency

The Hawkins Planter ‘NForcer allows for accurate position and precise placement of key starter and pop-up fertilizer.  Pneumatic down pressure and a 14” beveled blade allow operation in all field conditions including no-till and the position adjustments to fit strip-till needs.  Horizontal adjustments of up to 8” allow a setting to fit various field terrains and farming practices.  Left and right row unit mounting options compensate for multiple planter configurations in all primary models.  Rearward mounting of the fertilizer disc allows proper planter operation and residue flow, resulting in precise fertilizer placement out of the residue path and “In the Clear”.  Accuracy is key for fertilizer placement and the Hawkins ‘NForcer™ hits the mark.


  • Rear mount for “In the Clear” operation
  • 14” beveled coulter blade
  • Accurately places fertilizer at a depth of 0 to 5 inches
  • Eight inches of horizontal adjustment for proper seed to fertilizer spacing
  • Caster angle design allows for contour following precision placement
  • Pneumatic airbags provide quick and powerful down pressure
  • Smooth and consistent operation for minimal disturbance
  • Left or right mounting options
  • Multiple planter mounting kits


  • High Speed application
  • Low power and cost of operation
  • Minimal disturbance
  • Low maintenance
  • Accurate & Precise placement

The Hawkins Coulter ‘NForcer™ is a flexible and cost effective method for pre-plant or post-emergence high speed low horsepower liquid fertilize application.  The Coulter ‘NForcer™ is offered with spring or rigid 20” fluted coulters for a high speed and low power operation with minimal disturbance.  The heavy-duty design of the hub and 1’x4’x20” mounting shank allow for maximum clearance with supreme penetration ideal for all soil conditions and tillage practices, including no-till.

When combined with a high pressure flow control system the Coulter ‘NForcer™ can precisely place liquid fertilizer at the desired depth set by the coulter blade adjustment.

The Coulter ‘NForcer™ utilizes the robust Hawkins HWT double frame folding toolbar in standard configurations or customized to fit the specialty requirements.  For large scale operations, select the Hawkins double fold truss toolbar for operating widths up to 61’.

Add an optional Heavy Duty Telescoping trailer hitch for the added capacity and flexibility of a high volume liquid trailer.


  • 20’ Fluted coulter
  • Spring or Rigid Swivel coulter assembly options
  • 1×4 shank
  • Flexible and Adjustable spacing
  • Custom configurable


  • High Speed application
  • Low power and cost of operation
  • Minimal disturbance
  • Low maintenance
  • Accurate & Precise placement

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