Toolbars - Hawkins Ag


The Hawkins HWT family of folding toolbars share a double frame design with a horizontal welded truss to meet today’s high horsepower applications. The design incorporates double 7”x7” tubing for added strength and stability. The close coupled structure also allows maneuverability while matching tractor lift capacities.

The HWT Toolbars are hinged with a 120 degree main frame fold to minimize transport widths while adding 8 degrees of field flex. The HWT Double Fold Toolbar adds a second fold feature to for the outer wing allowing a compact and safe transport widths for large scale toolbars.

HWT Folding toolbars available for 12 row to 16 row applications in various row spacing and configurations.

HWT Double Fold toolbars for 24 row and other large scale applications.


  • High Strength double 7” x 7” tubing welded frame
  • CAT III / IV combination welded hitch
  • 120 degree fold for easy transport
  • 8 degree wing flex to follow field terrain – 4 up, 4 down
  • Open frame for mounting flexibility
  • Double Fold available on large scale toolbars
  • Custom configurations available

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