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Planter ‘NForcer

The Hawkins Planter ‘NForcer allows for accurate position and precise placement of key starter and pop-up fertilizer.  Pneumatic down pressure, and large placement range allow operation in many different field terrains and farming practices. Accuracy is key for fertilizer placement and the Hawkins ‘NForcer hits the mark.

Get 'N the Clear

Rear mounting of the Planter ‘NForcer eliminates fertilizer and soil buildup on your planter gauge wheels, increases residue flow capability, and keeps the front of your row unit open for mounting other accessories.

No "Side Effects"

The swiveling rear coulter minimizes the side draft forces caused by most rigid mounted 2×2 fertilizer options on the market today. Minimize the effects on your planter row units, especially on contours with the Planter ‘NForcer.

Smooth Ride

Pneumatic airbags provide smooth and consistent operation of the Planter ‘NForcer while minimizing the shock loads on your planter unit. Adjustment is as easy as turning a dial, allowing you to adjust to your conditions, and minimize disturbance.

More Than 2x2

With up to 8 inches of horizontal adjustment from the seed, you have more options for higher rates, blends and materials than 2″x2″ placement ever could offer.

Accurate Placement

With its 14″ beveled blade, the Planter ‘NForcer accurately places fertilizer up to 5″ deep. Extending the range well past normal planter fertilizer placement options.

Highly Compatible

The Planter ‘NForcer has been designed to work with many different planter makes and models. Check out the chart below for compatible planters units.

  • John Deere
  • CaseIH
  • Kinze
  • Monosem
  • Great Plains
  • White
  • Precision Planting Ready Row Unit
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