The Hawkins Sub-Soiler can be used in standing crops to shatter inter-row compaction increasing water intake and promoting crop root development. The Sub-Soiler can reach depths up to 12” loosening soil without drying out the zone.

The straight shank design of the Hawkins Sub-Soiler eliminates the heaving action of a traditional rippers. The replaceable chrome points and wear shins protect and enhance the performance.  In heavy residue conditions the 20” coulters slice thru keeping the disturbance minimal.  Fertilizer accessories can be added to further promote soil benefits and yield on a single pass.

The Hawkins Sub-Soiler can be configured in row spacing’s to fit your need is available in rigid and folding models on the Hawkins HWT Folding Toolbar in sizes up to 16 row.


  • 1” x 4” High Carbon Shanks
  • 20” Residue Coulters
  • Chrome Points and Wear Shins
  • Up to 12” working depth
  • Available in 4 to 16 row configurations
  • Combine with Hawkins HWT Folding Toolbar


  • Allows high speed operation
  • Removes inter-row compaction
  • Maximizes water infiltration
  • Promotes root development
  • Fertilizer application options

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