Row Crop Ditcher

The Hawkins Row Crop Ditcher is the standard by which all are measured. Create a clean & flat bottom furrow to maximize water distribution with the exclusive design of the Hawkins Ditcher. Operate at higher speed while controlling the loose soil and clods with the bedding rail and optional cover shield.

The Hawkins Ditcher unit is available in multiple widths for use in 30” to 40” rows and operates in combination with a buster shank tooled with a universal foot piece to mount the sweep point of your choice. Combine the ditcher units with the Hawkins HWT Folding Toolbar and Gauge Wheels for a complete machine ranging in size from 4 – 16 row.


  • Exclusive “Wedge Design” bottoms
  • Replaceable welded carbon steel V Blade
  • Heavy-duty buster shank & sweep
  • Bedding rails control loose soil
  • Adjustable for furrow shaping
  • Available in 4 to 16 row configurations
  • Combine with Hawkins HWT Folding Toolbar


  • Creates flat, clean, clod-free furrow
  • Maximum & even water distribution
  • Allows high speed operation
  • Gently places loose soil in row to uniformly bury row weeds
  • Optional Ditcher bottom widths to match use
  • Optional cover shield for heavy loose soil

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