Coulter ‘N’ FORCER

The Hawkins Coulter ‘N’ FORCER  is a flexible and cost effective method for pre-plant or post-emergence liquid fertilize application.  The Coulter ‘N’ FORCER is offered with spring or rigid 20” fluted coulters for a high speed and low power operation with minimal disturbance.  The heavy duty design of the hub and 1’x4’x20” mounting shank allow for maximum clearance with supreme penetration ideal for all soil conditions and tillage practices, including no-till.

When combined with a high pressure flow control system the Coulter ‘N’ FORCER can precisely place liquid fertilizer at the desired depth set by the coulter blade adjustment.

The Coulter ‘N’ FORCER utilizes the massive Hawkins double frame folding toolbar in standard configurations or customized to fit the specialty requirements of your farm.  For large scale operations you can also select the Hawkins double fold truss toolbar for operating widths up to 61’.

Add an optional Heavy Duty Telescoping trailer hitch for the added capacity and flexibility of a high volume liquid trailer.


  • 20’ Fluted coulter
  • Spring or Rigid Swivel coulter assembly options
  • 1×4 shank
  • Flexible and Adjustable spacing
  • Custom configurable


  • High Speed application
  • Low power and cost of operation
  • Minimal disturbance
  • Low maintenance
  • Accurate & Precise placement


  • Double frame 7” x 7” toolbar
  • Folding or rigid
  • Custom layout for ultimate flexibility
  • Up to 62’ double fold bar
  • Double gauge wheel
  • Optional Heavy Duty trailer hitch